Where to Eat

Restaurants Near Curlew Lake

No Chain Restaurants

Where to eat? You won’t find cookie-cutter food in the restaurants near Curlew Lake, but you will enjoy tasty, addictive, frontier-town fare. Whether you’re here to fish, hike, or family vacation, here are a variety of satisfying eateries that will tempt you back for more.

Snack Shack  ••• Republic Brewing Co. ••• Esther’s Restaurant  ••• Republic Pizza Co. ••• Pearl’s Smokehouse  ••• Steve O’s Restaurant ••• Tugboat’s  •••  Pine Grove Junction  •••   K-Diamond-K  ••• Sparky’s Coffeehouse ••• Anderson’s Grocery  •••  Knotty Pine Restaurant  ••• Ferry County Co-op

Snack Shack

Eat at Curlew Lake

On the east shore of Curlew Lake (off Hwy 21) is the Snack Shack at Fisherman’s Cove Resort. The only restaurant at the lake, and open seven days a week May through late October, this charming, outdoor restaurant doesn’t disappoint. You’ll be treated to a fabulous lake view, great American fast-food cuisine, and friendly service.

15 Fisherman’s Cove Road
Republic, WA 99166
(509) 775-3641 or (888) 567-2955

View of Curlew Lake from Snack Shack.
View of Curlew Lake from Snack Shack.
Fisherman's Cove Resort - burger and fries.
Signature, classic burger and fries are yummy good. Salmon burgers with dill sauce are excellent.
Bacon, scrambled eggs, toast,
Bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, & hash browns.
Flower bedecked deck overlooks Curlew Lake.
Flower bedecked deck overlooks the lake.

Republic Brewing Co.

A seriously friendly place to quaff an excellent beer with a friend (or to make a new friend), the RBC brews up a satisfying array of on-tap beers that are supplemented with seasonal favorites. They also brew their own, non-alcoholic sodas. Sit inside, or outdoors in the beer garden. They have a dart board and shuffle board. They serve complementary peanuts, and you’re welcome to bring your own food. Republic Pizza, Esther’s, and Pearl’s Smokehouse restaurants will all deliver food to you at the pub.

Location: Old Fire Hall,
26 Clark Avenue
Republic, WA 9916
(509) 775-2700
Web site

Interior view of bar and guests at the Republic Brewing Co.
The layout of the furniture and the friendliness of the owners and patrons promotes mingling and comraderie. Photo: Chad Coleman Photography
 Republic Brewing Company's Pale Ale and a pan of peanuts. Republic, WA.
Kick back in the Republic Brewing Company’s beer garden and enjoy a crowd favorite: Pale Ale, served up with a pan of complimentary peanuts.
Street view of Republic Brewing Co. Two men are entering the brewery.
Republic Brewing Co. is located on Republic’s main street and is situated in the historic fire hall. Photo: Chad Coleman Photography

Esther’s Restaurant

Esther’s specializes in Mexican-American cuisine and gourmet burgers (made from locally raised, hormone-free longhorn beef). Serving sizes are generous and service is quick. Of particular note is Esther’s nacho platter, burrito supreme, and their delicious carne asada. Full bar services include imported beers and Republic Brewing Co.’s pale ale on tap. Open Monday through Saturday for lunch and dinner. 90 N Clark St, Republic, WA 99166, (509) 775-2088, Facebook page

Esther's carne asada platter, with steak, beans, rice, guacamole, grilled green onion, and tortillas.
Esther’s carne asada, with beans, rice, guacamole, and flour or corn tortillas.
Esther's nachos plate with chips, melted cheese, refried beans, jalapenos, guacamole, and sour cream.
A scrumptious half order of Esther’s nachos.

Republic Pizza Company

Small town pizza? No way! This family-run pizza restaurant serves up pizzas made with handmade dough, topped with fresh toppings and 100% real mozzarella cheese, and baked in Republic’s only brick pizza oven. Their pizzas’ butter-brushed crust just makes your mouth happy. Eat in or order to go. Don’t forget they deliver meals and appetizers next door to the Republic Brewing Co, where you can enjoy an excellent pizza with an excellent beer. 

31 N Keller St
Republic, Washington
(509) 775-3030
Facebook page
Republic Pizza's RPC Special with sausage, pepperoni, black olives, and cheese.
Republic Pizza’s RPC Special with sausage, pepperoni, black olives, and cheese.
Chicken, artichoke, red onions, ranch dressing, and a hint of barbecue sauce at Republic Pizza Co.
Chicken, artichoke, red onions, ranch dressing, and a hint of barbecue sauce.
Republic Pizza Co. owner, Ann at order counter.
Republic Pizza Co. owner, Ann, takes your orders and delivers pizzas to the Republic Brewing Co.

Pearl’s Smokehouse

Pearl’s Smokehouse serves up mouthwatering heat-and-eat dishes, such as yummy chicken, turkey, and beefy-mushroom pot pies. Currently only available Fridays 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. Visit their Facebook page for a list of this week’s heat-and-eat dinner specials. 

18 N Clark St
Republic, WA 99166
(509) 775-2222.
Facebook page

Tangy BLT sandwich, served with pickle and chips.
Pearl’s Smokehouse’s tangy BLT sandwich, served with pickle and chips.
The deli at Pearl's Smokehouse.
Deli delights include smoked cheeses and meats, as well as dishes like red pepper hummus, gazpacho, chickpea salad, and potato salad.
Bar seating at Pearl's Smokehouse restaurant.
Eat at the bar or at tables by the windows, or get take-away for a family dinner or picnic.

Steve O’s Restaurant

Steve O’s specializes in an all-American menu of burgers, sandwiches, wraps, appetizers, and pizza. They also serve up a yummy array of ice cream treats. Mmm! Open Monday through Friday for lunch and dinner.

30277 E Highway 20
Republic, Washington 99166
(509) 775-0861
Facebook page

Burger and onion rings at Steve O's.
Great burgers and onion rings.
Steve O's  sausage, pepperoni, and jalapeno pizza.
Tasty Steve O’s pizza of sausage, pepperoni, and jalapenos.
Cozy seating and friendly wait staff at Steve-O's.
Cozy seating and friendly wait staff at Steve-O’s.


Open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, this little roadside restaurant offers up all-American fare that includes chicken strips, hand-battered fish fillets, and burgers all served, with the best regular and curly fries around. They serve lattes and soft ice cream cones and shakes.

Located just off Hwy 21 near the town of Curlew, WA, you can pick up lunch and a soda and head a mile over to Peggy Brixner Park to enjoy a picnic on the Kettle River. 

Highway 21 and Kettle River Road/Boulder Creek Road
Curlew, Washington 99118
(509) 779-4444
Facebook page

Tugboats' burger and curly fries.
Great burgers and excellent curly and regular fries.
Tugboat's sign.
Tugboat’s has a drive through and picnic-benched, enclosed seating area.

Pine Grove Junction

Situated at the intersection of Hwy 21 and Hwy 20, just outside of Republic, WA, Pine Grove Junction is part gas station, part mini mart, and a big part restaurant. Especially loved for their all-day breakfast menu, they also serve sandwiches, soups, and steak dinners. Open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

16267 N Highway 21
Republic, Washington 99166
Phone (509) 775-3304

Pine Grove Junction's eggs, bacon, and hash browns.
Serving up tasty breakfasts all day, every day.
Pine Grove Junction's grilled patty melt sandwich.
Pine Grove Junction’s grilled patty melt sandwich.
Pine Grove Junction distinctive red metal roof.
Pine Grove Junction distinctive red metal roof.

K-Diamond-K’s Restaurant and Bar

Excellent food and rich Western atmosphere combine to create an unforgettable experience at the K-Diamond-K Guest Ranch.  Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meals are served family style, so you’ll have the pleasure of sharing a conversation with other vacationers, locals, or maybe the ranch’s owners. Buffet lunch menu changes daily.  Call ahead to make reservations or confirm menu offerings.

15661 WA-21
Republic, WA 99166
(509) 641-1003
Web site

K-Diamond-K's taco salad bar.
K-Diamond-K’s scrumptous taco salad bar.
K-Diamond-K's taco salad.
They use their own ranch-raised beef for the taco salads.
K-Diamond-K's log walls of the restaurant and bar.
Log walls and wood floors impart a beautiful Western atmosphere to the restaurant and bar.

Sparky’s Coffeehouse

Conveniently located in downtown Republic, Wa, this welcoming coffeehouse serves up great lattes, beverages, and breakfast pastries, as well as ice cream cones. Pull up a chair and watch the town of Republic slowly go by as you enjoy your treat. Around you, you’ll find a charming array of reasonably-priced home decor, bath and beauty items, candles, and seasonal decorations and gifts. It’s a great place to pick up a travel souvenir, or holiday or hostess gift. 

64 North Clark Ave
Republic, Washington 99166
(509) 775-2455
Facebook page

Sparky's Coffeehouse seating area.
Comfy seating provides perfect place to sit, talk, and enjoy a tasty treat.
Sparky's Coffeehouse's double maple latte.
A double maple latte, is one of many yummy drinks that Sparky’s serves up.
Display of tasty all-day cookies and pastries, and breakfast treats.
Tasty all-day cookies and pastries, and breakfast treats.

Anderson’s Grocery

Republic, Washington’s largest grocery store carries a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and freshly cut meats. Full deli with rotisserie chicken, fried foods, potato and macaroni salads, and self-serve fountain sodas. This super-friendly store has all the fixin’s you need for a tasty barbecue or a picnic.

711 So. Clark Ave
Republic, WA 99166
(509) 775-3378

Produce section of Anderson's Grocery in Republic, WA. Melons in foreground.
Produce section of Anderson’s Grocery in Republic, WA.

Knotty Pine

This friendly, reasonably-priced restaurant and lounge is located on Republic’s main thoroughfare, and serves up tasty breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals seven days a week. Check out their menu, hours, and daily restaurant and lounge specials on their Facebook page.

16267 N Highway 21
Republic, Washington 99166
Phone (509) 775-3304
Facebook page

Biscuits and gravy plate, with potatoes O'Brien.
Old-fashioned biscuits and gravy, served up with tasty potatoes O’Brien, and a side of sausage.

Ferry County Co-op

The Co-op stocks a variety of organic foods, fresh produce, and bulk spices and teas. Mon. though Thur., their bakery bakes up a rotating offering of fresh breads, scones, cookies, and muffins. Their self-service cafe also offers a freshly-made soup du jour and a entree four days of the week. The Co-op also carries gourmet cheeses and gluten-free snacks, pastas, and grains. Closed Sundays.

34 North Clark Ave
Republic, Washington 99166
(509) 775-3754

Four blueberry muffins. sprinkled with lemon zest.
Yummy blueberry muffins.